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Although this may be the opportune moment to purchase your home, it wouldn’t end well if you tweak your expenses by deceiving yourself that it is feasible. When making your decision, be level-headed and objective. As much as we single parents want the best for our family, we have to be practical and avoid making our financial status difficult. If your budget cannot afford it now, don’t stop believing that someday you will be able to buy our dream house. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

2. Topography. Is the lot sloped away at the back? Avoid yards that slope down toward the rear. Select home with a rise at the rear. Is house below street grade? This will make for a constant uphill struggle while you live here.

If you need to buy a restricted property like landed properties or vacant lands then you need to get prior approval from Singapore Land Authority before buying.

The kitchen is among the rooms in the house that gets the most traffic day in and day out. Family members make foods, eat breakfast, get midnight snacks, experiment with recipes, feed their pets, make messes, clean them up, and generally have fun bonding with each other in the kitchen for a greater part of their whole stay in the home. Damages to the counters, sinks, cupboards, and the floor area can be expected. Before placing an apartment up for sale, owners can decide to enhance small kitchens or fix and change broken and destroyed features to renew the area and make them more ideal for the needs of a new family transferring.

Your first home is usually bought out of sheer necessity with so many practicalities in mind – like proximity to your workplace or children’s school, the need to stay close to the hustle and bustle of the city streets, limited funds etc. A second home, on the other hand, is more than just ‘a roof over your head’. It doubles up as something more. It can be a vacation home along the beach, a home that symbolizes pleasure and a laid-back lifestyle or it may be an investment that would yield rich dividends in a few years down the line. It can be an additional source of income in the form of house rentals. Or it can be a retirement home, where you plan to spend the golden years of your life. Whatever be the reason to buy a second home, you can consider the benefits of buying a second home in the scenic gulf coast of Southwest Florida.